Today the NOKU token is no longer an ERC20 on the Ethereum network, but a native coin on the Noku blockchain, a platform specialized in NFT Gaming.

The token swap was performed in October according to the methods explained in this article.

We are very happy that Bilaxy has restored its business and done everything possible to resolve what happened.

Let’s renew our trust in Bilaxy and set up together a new successful story!

After the ban of Steam to blockchain games, Noku is ready to welcome in its ecosystem all the blocked games and gamers, becoming “the new promised land” for the future of the NFT games.

At a time of great historical spread of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Valve Corporation, developer of…

From an ERC-20 token to Nokuchain’s native COIN.

The NOKU token becomes the native coin of its blockchain, NOKU token holders will receive the same amount on Nokuchain as they have on Ethereum and at the same address!

A SNAPSHOT of NOKU token holders will be carried out on October…

Now you can play Crypto Heroes NFT Gaming in TEAM mode. But how does it works?

Crypto Heroes is a game based on the Noku NFT protocol. From September 7, 2021, the TEAM game function is enabled. This allows players to win more points. It works like this.

For each…

It happens sometimes that you open a wallet, trade some cryptos, and then open another wallet and then others, and … that old wallet is forgotten with our cryptos inside!

To prevent this from happening again, open an account on the Noku platform.

You can manage all the wallets you want of the main blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, etc...
You can create new ones or import old ones.

We are happy to announce NokuChain, an Ethereum sidechain dedicated to NFT tokens and DeFi.

We like to invest and play in the crypto sphere. Everyone should use decentralized finance, even with small amounts, and to solve the problem of high fees we have created a sidechain of Ethereum. The…

In the last 3 years, we build a platform where you can open multiple wallets on multiple blockchains, at

you have a workspace to create or import all your wallets, and it’s NON-custodian, all-in-one place:

Here are the blockchains that you can add

Play with cryptos at airdrop to all the accounts coming soon…

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