Crypto Heroes — World ranking

GM Heroes!
Today’s article is about something quite important: the world ranking of Crypto Heroes and how we determine it.

The matches that are eligible for the world ranking are the official tournaments (Tuesday and Friday) and standard leagues (Monday and Wednesday).

Every day we calculate the sum of the points you obtained through those specific matches during the last 100 days, the higher is the sum and the higher you will be in the final ranking.

Not all matches have the same impact though, some are much more important than the others. Let’s see that in details:

Those numbers in brackets are the weights.
So, for example, placing first in a Silver League’s match would bring 100 points, times 2 since it’s a Silver League, makes it 200 in total.
The same result but in Official Tournaments would bring 500 because those tournaments have the highest multiplier!

If you want to know more about how to climb Leagues, we explained everything here!

That’s it for today guys, stay tuned tho, lots of activities and promotions are about to be revealed for the Christmas period!

About Noku

Noku ( is a web3 platform dedicated to the NFT world with its own blockchain.
Crypto Heroes ( is the first play-to-earn game developed on the Nokuchain: it’s a trading card game where your results are related to the performance of the cryptocurrencies you chose in a specific match.
Heroes: Genesis ( is the first official PFP collection on our platform through the NPFS PROTOCOL (Noku-Planetary-File-System)
The architecture developed by Noku for ERC 721-N allows metadata to be shared across multiple chains but having unique data for all of them, through the NPFS protocol. This is to prevent dissimilarity of data across chains.
Nokuverse (
The Nokuverse is the first colony founded by the Heroes, a group of enlightened people who decided to leave the Earth after years of inflation and struggling.
Follow them in this play-to-earn environment where you can win NFT packs and other amazing rewards!
NFT Farming Club (
A new feature where you can earn rewards from different collections without even having to stake them. Keep an eye on it since we costantly add new collections!



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