How to play at CryptoHeroes -TUTORIAL

Let’s start: how to register and take the first steps.

First open an account on Noku, at this address:

How to import NFT and participate in Matches

At this point, to play, you will have to import your NFT on the gaming platform, so the smart contract of the blockchain takes charge of your NFT and allows you to deploy them in the MATCH (During the game your NFTs are locked in the wallet until you do the opposite action or export the NFTs from the game).

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Game rules and scoring

Each tournament consists of several matches, each of which gives a certain score.

  • 1° team → +4 points
  • 2° team → +2 points
  • 3° team → +1 points

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Within the leagues (which we’ll cover in more detail in the next paragraph) prizes will not be awarded at the end of each tournament, but at the end of each match, with the chance to win up to 3 NFT basic packages every day!

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Leagues and World Ranking: all you need to know!

With the latest update of the platform, we have the debut of a new game mode: leagues and World Ranking.



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