How to play Prediction Game-TUTORIAL
3 min readJul 19, 2022


In this guide you will learn how to play Prediction Game

Prediction Game is a game based on guessing the trend of your selected cryptocurrencies.

To take part in this game you need to choose a prize and select the amount of cards required for that specific one.

Once you selected your desired cards ( Pay attention: selected cards will be burned! ) you have to predict if the total performance of your setup will go up or down.
Your cards’ performances are related to the current crypto market on the selected time frame, we will get the data from CoinMarketCap.

Once you have selected the cards you will have to choose for how long the performance of those cryptocurrencies will be analyzed.

Then our database will start to calculate the total score.

After the selected time frame you will have the outcome and you can start another prediction!

That’s it. Quite simple, isn’t it?
Prediction game is a great way to burn your unused cards and obtain better NFTs to play Crypto Heroes!

About Noku

Noku ( is a web3 platform dedicated to the NFT world with its own blockchain.
Crypto Heroes ( is the first play-to-earn game developed on the Nokuchain: it’s a trading card game where your results are related to the performance of the cryptocurrencies you chose in a specific match.
Heroes: Genesis ( is the first official PFP collection on our platform through the NPFS PROTOCOL (Noku-Planetary-File-System)
The architecture developed by Noku for ERC 721-N allows metadata to be shared across multiple chains but having unique data for all of them, through the NPFS protocol. This is to prevent dissimilarity of data across chains.



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