James’ last week (and more…)

James’ last week…

Last week ended the match #2 of the James Tournament and waiting for the last challenges of this James tournament, which will end Friday, April 15, 2022, here are the winners of the second match of the tournament.

  • 1st: 300 NOKU + 1 GOLD PACK + 1 BASE PACK
  • 2nd: 200 NOKU + 1 GOLD PACK + 1 BASE PACK
  • 3rd: 100 NOKU + 1 GOLD PACK + 1 BASE PACK
  • 4–10: 40 NOKU + 1 GOLD PACK + 1 BASE PACK
  • 11–30: 10 NOKU

The NFT of the week

Discover the new NFT, as Bull Run, paper representing the bronze sculpture made by Arturo di Modica and installed by the same author, in 1989, in front of the Wall Street bag, symbolizing the power and hope of the American people in the future, after the financial collapse of their country in 1987.

A guide to start playing: have you seen it?

For all new players and curious who want to deepen for the first time CryptoHeroes, it’s online a short and simple guide on everything you need to know to start playing right away.

The referral program is active again: do you want to participate?

By demand from many users, the Noku referral program restarts, but this time the prize is different: follow the rules to win 3 BASE PACKs!

  1. Just follow the instructions of the BOT: https://t.me/NokuReferralProgramBot
  2. Send the code you will receive to all your followers: they will receive 30 NFT for FREE 🎁
  3. For every 10 new users you bring in, you’ll receive 3 BASE PACKs!



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