Noku is ready to fight in the Hexagons Game Arena
2 min readFeb 23, 2022

Together with ChainGuardians and pNetwork, Noku is excited to announce that it is one of the founding contributors of the new DAO: Hexagons Game, that will take place on Twitter and will see almost all the NFT Game platforms fighting with their communities in an exhilarating experience that has always protagonist the NFTs.

What is going to happen on the social par excellence of the NFT Gaming world will be an opportunity to meet and have great fun and undoubtedly it’ll open the way to new realms of gaming and interaction always thanks to NFTs.

Noku is thrilled to join Hexagons Game in providing additional utility to NFT collections and bring this great market potential to all his Crypto Heroes People, enormously increased in these months.

What is Hexagons Game?

Hexagons Game is organized by the Hexagons Game DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization comprising the projects that decide to equip their NFTs to do battle in the social sphere. Through participation via the governance $TOKEN, members collectively set the abilities that characterize NFT participants, such as attack and defense scores. In addition, the DAO may organize tournaments and set the direction of future development for the platform.

All the contributors are proud to be part of this common vision of connecting communities and promoting collaborations and opportunities in order to bring games based on blockchain to as many people as possible.

An amazing project, but why?

In Hexagons Game you’ll find supercharged NFTs, ERC-721 or ERC-1155 non fungible tokens that contain wrapped ERC-20 tokens.

The traits of each NFT determine the outcome of each battle. To the victor goes the spoils: 90% of the wrapped tokens contained in the defeated NFT go directly to the winner. The remaining 10% goes to the Hexagons Game DAO.

Noku NFTs will be enabled by the Hexagons Game DAO to fully participate in social battles and for all enthusiasts we confirm that the battles are open so come on and enjoy us!

Moreover for Crypto Heroes gamers there will be the possibility to choose the cards from the decks and decide which ones to deploy for an online battle between NFTs of different types.

About Hexagons Game DAO

Hexagons Game DAO is the entity responsible for organizing the Hexagons Game, a social media blockchain gaming platform. Practically speaking, any NFT project interested in joining the battle may enter the DAO to participate; setting rules and organizing tournaments through governance.



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