Noku Upgrade: from NOKU to NOKU v2
3 min readOct 18, 2021

From an ERC-20 token to Nokuchain’s native COIN.

The NOKU token becomes the native coin of its blockchain, NOKU token holders will receive the same amount on Nokuchain as they have on Ethereum and at the same address!

A SNAPSHOT of NOKU token holders will be carried out on October 19, 2021.

Then the new native NOKU coin will be sent to all token holders, in the same quantities and to the same addresses present on Ethereum, but in the native blockchain, which is the Nokuchain.

All NOKU holders will receive 1:1 NOKU / NOKU v2.

It will be sufficient to open a wallet on the Nokuchain (through the Noku platform at the address with the same private keys of the Ethereum wallet and you will automatically receive the same amount of NOKU tokens.

Go to Noku Platform: (register a new account if you don’t have one)


Select Nokuchain

to import a wallet, click on Private Key or Metamask or UTC/JSON File … (or whatever you prefer, we suggest PK)

Insert your PK (Private Key)

and you will create a wallet (with the same address) with your NOKU coins!

You will now have your native coins on Nokuchain.

The original NOKU token will continue after the token swap, but will be obsolete.

Nokuchain: Proof of Anchorage protocol with ZERO FEE

Nokuchainis an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain, extremely fast (5s per block) with ZERO FEE. Nokuchain has a Proof of Anchorage protocol. It means that for each series of blocks (the epoch is variable) the Nokuchain applies a hash function and notarizes the result on the first available block of the Ethereum network.

So Nokuchain is a blockchain anchored to Ethereum

After 4 years of work, this is the result of putting more and more efficient technology on the market to meet the needs of users.

In recent years Noku has developed a wallet platform for the management of multi-blockchains (including Bitcoin and Ethereum), the management and creation of multi-assets (ERC-20 and ERC-721). Noku created a security asset standard for Ethereum Foundation (ERC-2980). Noku also created stacking, swap, and bridge services.
Over the past year, NOKU has focused on developing its EVM and a series of smart contracts for its own NFT Gaming protocol.

The first game that went live is Crypto Heroes!

Further communications on the use and structure of the NOKU coin will follow.



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