NokuChain, a sidechain for NFT and DeFi

We are happy to announce NokuChain, an Ethereum sidechain dedicated to NFT tokens and DeFi.

We like to invest and play in the crypto sphere. Everyone should use decentralized finance, even with small amounts, and to solve the problem of high fees we have created a sidechain of Ethereum. The transactions are practically immediate and the commissions are extremely low, for some services they are FREE. NOKU token becomes NokuChain’s native coin.

The new blockchain was designed for NFT token-based games. In addition to solving the problems of micro transitions, we think it is unethical to flood the Ethereum mainnet for gaming.

NokuChain is based on a PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus, and at each epoch, it is anchored to the Ethereum mainnet. The management of the chain will be delegated to a DAO by issuing a governance token after the bootstrap phase.

We will soon release new products and services based on our new technology.

The first product that will run on NokuChain will be Crypto Heroes, a social game based on Non-Fungible tokens (NFT). More news is coming!

For 4 years we have continued to constantly develop a lot of technology, we have one of the most complete multi-wallet and multi-chain platforms, as well as token creation and smart contract services.

Crypto winter is officially over, and Noku is ready to relaunch its platform for all fans of the crypto world.

We would like to see you there! … at

Play with cryptos at airdrop to all the accounts coming soon…