Nokuverse - Beta launch
3 min readSep 8, 2022

Today is the day, dear Heroes!
The Nokuverse Beta version is officially online and you can have a look at it by clicking on this link:

Wait. What? Did you get this message?

No worries, that’s normal.
In order to explore the Beta version of our Metaverse you have to login (with Google and other social) and then login with your Metamask wallet.
Make sure that you imported the Nokuchain (can be easily done through our website ) and after that import your Noku wallet inside Metamask (it can be done through JSON or private key).

A small recap:
- export your Heroes: Genesis NFT (you can’t login if it’s in staking or playing)
- add the Nokuchain on Metamask
- import your Noku wallet on Metamask
- login here:

What’s the Nokuverse about?

We aim to build a social and play-to-earn environment for our community, with VIP areas.
Talking about the play-to-earn aspect: during the beta you can try our first mini-game!

It is a speedhunt where you have to complete a specific path following the Noku logo. After the end of the Beta version the fastest players will be rewardes as following:
1st: 50 NOKU + 1 Gold pack
2nd: 1 Gold pack
3rd: 1 Gold pack
4th to 10th: 1 Base pack

That’s it?

Absolutely no. You can get a special avatar by completing a speedhunt and there’s another surpise inside the bank. Go find it!
Also: don’t forget to have a look at the trading post downstairs, where all our partners are shown.

About Noku

Noku ( is a web3 platform dedicated to the NFT world with its own blockchain.
Crypto Heroes ( is the first play-to-earn game developed on the Nokuchain: it’s a trading card game where your results are related to the performance of the cryptocurrencies you chose in a specific match.
Heroes: Genesis ( is the first official PFP collection on our platform through the NPFS PROTOCOL (Noku-Planetary-File-System)
The architecture developed by Noku for ERC 721-N allows metadata to be shared across multiple chains but having unique data for all of them, through the NPFS protocol. This is to prevent dissimilarity of data across chains.
Nokuverse (
The Nokuverse is the first colony founded by the Heroes, a group of enlightened people who decided to leave the Earth after years of inflation and struggling.
Follow them in this play-to-earn environment where you can win NFT packs and other amazing rewards!
NFT Farming Club (
A new feature where you can earn rewards from different collections without even having to stake them. Keep an eye on it since we costantly add new collections!



Play with cryptos at airdrop to all the accounts coming soon…