Ordinal BEASTS are coming!

3 min readMar 24, 2023

Noku is always on track and we firmly wanted to be part of the Bitcoin revolution: Bitcoin Ordinals are pieces of history about digital artifacts and we decided to inscript a particular collection: BEASTS.

Who are they?

As the GENESIS colonies continued to grow, the HEROES found themselves confronted with a formidable adversary in the form of the BEASTS.

These were not mere mortal men, but rather a ruthless cabal of traditional businessmen and bankers who had long held sway over the financial systems of Earth. These were a group of humans who had rejected the principles of decentralization and had formed an organization to resist the spread of cryptocurrency.

BEASTS are traditional businessmen, bankers, and politicians who saw the HEROES as a threat to their power and influence, on top of that BEASTS wear masks to symbolize their belief that the HEROES were nothing more than wild animals that needed to be tamed and controlled.

Over time, the BEASTS leveraged their extensive resources and political influence to thwart the HEROES’ endeavors by disseminating false information and propaganda aimed at swaying public opinion against them. However, the HEROES remained committed to their cause, using their technological expertise to fight back against the BEASTS’ attacks and to continue building a better future for themselves and their descendants.

Why Ordinal?

Bitcoin has introduced a new feature called “Ordinals” that operates on the Layer 1 protocol with Satoshis; this feature emerged after the completion of the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade in November 2021, which enables large Bitcoin block sizes through executable scripts, although it’s usually limited to 4MB.

In the Bitcoin blockchain, one BTC contains 100 million Satoshis, but now, these tiny fragments can carry extra data over the blockchain through the Ordinals protocol. This protocol uses inscriptions to add additional data to transactions, which is similar to the location of Bitcoin NFTs, a common element with the first Ethereum-based NFTs.

When they will be relased?

During Q2 you’ll be able to get your Ordinal BEASTS through Bitcoin auctions and/or buy them on the NOKU Marketplace!
Their listing on the main Ordinals Marketplaces and Platforms is scheduled for Q3 or even earlier, and in the near future they’ll be added to the NOKU Marketplace as well, so they can be traded easily!

Stay tuned Noku fam, more info will come soon enough!

About Crypto Heroes

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