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Noku Referral Program: every 10 new users registered you will receive 10 NOKU

Sharing is gaming: how you and your friends can win NFTs and Noku tokens

Noku launches its first referral program. Follow us on social media, share the news with your friends and win Noku tokens and NFT Crypto Heroes.

We launched the Noku Referral Program, a promotion that allows you and your friends to earn Noku tokens and Crypto Heroes (NFT) playing cards by simply starting to follow our Telegram and Twitter channels.

Sharing is gaming: paraphrasing the famous mantra “Sharing is caring”, we intend to give the opportunity to all to take care of their friends making earn them crypto.

Through Crypto Heroes, our game based on the NFT Gaming protocol of Noku, anyone will be able to encourage more friends to participate in a contest that will allow you to win Noku tokens and Crypto Heroes NFTs, distributed as prizes.

Brings the future closer than you think

Cryptocurrencies are changing the world as we know it and the play-to-earn model, thanks to the NFT, is definitely changing the gaming industry.

With Nokuchain technology, you can simultaneously manage numerous assets and portfolios, manage and own tokens, manage NFT with which you can access Crypto Heroes, the first NFT game.
With Crypto Heroes you can collect NFT and play games based on the best performance in the Crypto market.

This is because Noku allows anyone to play, invest and exchange value with the blockchain, without intermediaries.

Learn to invest with cryptocurrencies and earn money playing. Anyone can start playing for free and gain experience by exploring a world of protagonists of the Crypto universe.

Our mission is to bring as many people as possible to own and manage blockchain assets such as tokens and NFT. Help us do this with our Referral Program!

How to have Noku tokens and 30 NFT for FREE!

Our Referral Program offers many benefits for you and your friends.

This will make your experience on Crypto Heroes more rewarding because it will allow you to win:

  • 30 Crypto Heroes NFTs,
  • and Noku tokens!

To achieve this, sign up now for Crypto Heroes and you will receive your first

  • 20 Crypto Heroes NFTs

Once done, all you have to do is go to Telegram and follow the instructions that our virtual assistant will suggest. You can find them at this link and you will receive

  • 10 Crypto Heroes NFTs
  • your personal REFERRAL CODE

Give your referral code to your friends/followers who will use it for their subscription on Telegram, and...

  • every 10 new users registered you will receive 10 NOKU in your My Noku Wallet

To play Crypto Heroes, you’ll have to collect NFT (the Crypto Heroes) and line them up against your opponents in each MATCH.

Finally remember the most important thing: share this post with your friends and encourage them to win Noku and NFT tokens through our Referral Program.

Sharing is gaming, spread your voice around the world, and help us grow Noku’s army!

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