The winning strategies and a new tournament: the news of the last week
3 min readFeb 22, 2022


Hey gamer, here we are with our weekly update!

We’ll discover all the latest news that happened in recent days within the Noku universe.

In the last week, there has been a lot of volatility in Crypto markets and this has been absolutely positive for us.

But that’s not all: a new tournament and many new NFT are among the most important news of these last few days. Let’s all find out here on Nokuniverse!

Did you watch our live streaming talk show?

These days the Crypto market has changed several times and in a very fast way. This however has been good for our game.

In such a volatile market, what were the most used game strategies of tournament winners?

And which of the latest NFTs, released on Crypto Heroes, has guaranteed the best performance?

Yesterday aired episode n.17 of CryptoHeroes Italian streaming and Roberto Gorini discussed these themes with his guests.

If you have lost the live or want to see it again, by clicking on the image below, you will find the replay:

Remember: the next appointment will be broadcast on Monday 28th February at 21.00.

You can follow it on Twitch or Youtube.

Fantastic new tournaments and where to find them

CryptoHeroes has a new tournament available for you. We’re talking about the Crockett tournament. Register now!

The prizes for those who get to the bottom of the tournament are:

  • : 300 NOKU + 1 gold pack + 1 base pack
  • 2°: installments: 200 NOKU + 1 gold pack + 1 base pack
  • 3°: 100 NOKU + 1 gold pack + 1 base pack
  • 4–10°: 40 NOKU + 1 gold pack + 1 base pack
  • 11–30°: 10 NOKU

The tournament will close on Friday, March 4, 2022.


The final ranking of the Eldorado tournament

In recent days has gone on stage Eldorado, one of the many tournaments available on CryptoHeroes, which reserved the chance to win tokens Noku and NFTs Crypto Heroes.

The tournament ended Friday, 18th February, 2022.

at the link below the final standings:

Discover here the final ranking

Have you already discovered the new NFTs at your disposal?

Among these there’s Thorchain, the new NFT available on CryptoHeroes, inspired by the network that allows the exchange of tokens of different blockchain.

They are all available on our store:


Sharing is gaming: how you and your friends can win NFTs and Noku tokens

We launched the Noku Referral Program, a promotion that allows you and your friends to earn Noku tokens and Crypto Heroes (NFT) playing cards by simply starting to follow our Telegram and Twitter channels.

To find out more information read the in-depth article that we have prepared for you.

To read it, click on the image below

From Nokuniverse is all, we’ll see you next week!

Noku Team



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